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Wren Cake Design crafts creative and contemporary wedding cakes baked to perfection and made with passion in the heart of Cumbria.

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Understated, contemporary cakes - clean lines and sumptuous flavours

I’m a Romcom loving, proposal story addict with a penchant for pretty things, immersed in the wonderful world of weddings. I got married young to the love of my life but we had to forsake the fairytale wedding (young = broke) so I get to live out my fantasy (infatuation) through the many couples that I meet, it truly is such an honour to be a part of the most important day of their lives.

Baking has always been my passion but as is standard in these kind of stories I ended up getting a “proper job” as a Project Manager in the world of business. When the opportunity came up to shake off the corporate shackles and pursue my passion, I went for it and opted for a life that was a little less Alan Sugar and a little more sugar, sugar.

I’m known for understated, contemporary cakes – clean lines and sumptuous flavours with only the finest ingredients. Marc de Champagne syrup, Belgian chocolate and the richest jams and gooey ganaches, there is no expense spared when it comes to my designs. And I have a total vendetta against margarine. If it isn’t the real deal, it doesn’t come into my kitchen.

I love cakes, I love having a creative career and above all, I love love.

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Wren Cake Design Modern Fern Wedding Cake cumbria

A Wren Romance

Wrens symbolize many things; creativity, simplicity and the beauty of nature. Often found in the Lake District, these small friendly birds are the epitome of understated elegance and grace.

I wanted Wren to embody nature and celebration, a bird of joy that is a symbol of the arts and poetry. It is nature that most inspires me, combined with the romantic stories of my couples.

Nature, joy and celebration – this is the signature of a Wren wedding cake.

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